The World’s Coolest Tree House, Deep in the Jungles of Sri Lanka. I’m Jealous and I Want My Own.

Check out this amazing tree house in Kalutara, Sri Lanka. Designed by architect Nerein Perera, it’s arguably the world’s coolest tree house.

The treehouse is located on the edge of a rubber plantation.

The 120 sq. meter home has 3 bedrooms and a common living space.

The design is modeled after the traditional watch-hit used by Sri Lankan farmers.

The surrounding jungle is lush and beautiful.

The home is quite remote, far removed from the nearest town or city.

From the treehouse, you get 360 degree views of the jungle.

The framework is constructed from steel, timber, and bamboo.

A slight improvement over the treehouses most kids grow up with.

The bungalow overlooks an estate below.

Because it’s located so high up in the tree canopy, the treehouse is very private.

The east-facing bedrooms are bare, allowing for panoramic views of the hilly jungle.

Well, we’re sufficiently jealous.

This has to be the world’s best treehouse, right?

So, how badly do you want to spend a night here?