The Titanic Looks Tiny Next To A Modern Cruiseship!

History’s most famous cruise ship, the Titanic, was an engineering marvel of its day. Far larger, more spacious, and better equipped than any other ships of the day, Titanic was in a class of its own. So it’s surprising to see how it stacks up against today’s the Allure of the Seasthe largest cruise ship in the world. This picture is pretty shocking.


Allure is roughly 30% longer (1,187 ft v.s. 882 ft) than Titanic, and holds nearly three times as many passengers (6,296 v.s. 2,435).  Allure weighs twice as much (~100k tons v.s. ~50k tons), and cost more than twice as much to build ($1.2 billion v.s. $400 million, adjusted for today’s money).

And, of course, Allure has a much cleaner record than Titanic; fingers crossed it continues to steer clear of icebergs.