Outsourcing Jobs in 2017 – 5 Best Websites to Find Experts

outsourcing jobs in 2017

1. Freelancer.com


outsourcing jobs with freelancer.com

Freelancer.comf is my personal favorite when it comes to finding talented freelancers to outsource your jobs online. They offer several ways to hire experts on their website. You can either post a job online and wait for applications to fly in or browse through their vast directory of freelancers to contact them directly. Outsourcing jobs has never been easier and the user interface and experience is outstanding. To ensure a high quality standard services start at fixed minimum prices. With over 22 million registered users, Freelancer.com is THE place to go to hire professionals on the internet.

2. Envato Studio


outsourcing jobs with envato studio

Coming from the Envato empire (Themeforest, Codecanyon etc.) Envato Studio offers a unique marketplace to hire digital masterminds around the world. By browsing through the services of other users, you can search for the expert needed. You can then supply your brief to the professional and work together, exchange files and communicate with their inbuilt messaging system. Once you’re happy with the received work, simply approve the job and leave a review to tell fellow users about your experience with the seller. Overall Envato Studio is one of the best platforms to outsource your jobs at the moment.

3. UpWork


outsourcing jobs with upwork.com

UpWork is probably the largest site to hire freelancers online. It offers a rich search engine with various filters to find the right person. You can either post a job straight away and receive various applications from which you’ll pick professionals to interview. Or you can start outsourcing jobs by browsing through freelancers and looking at their profiles, reviews and hours worked. With their inbuilt messenger it’s very easy to communicate, exchange ideas or unlock milestones. Upwork even allows you to track progress on the freelancers computer (if they agree). This makes it easy to follow the overall progress of the project and spot difficulties in time. Recommended.

4. 99Designs


screenshot of 99 designs website for outsourcing jobs

99Designs is a bit of a different concept than the other sites. It is based on a contest system which means several designers will submit actual work to your job posting. You then get to browse through the submitted material, invite designers to the next round and in the end, announce a winner of the contest. This is great if you’re looking for variations and lots of option to choose from. Obviously 99Designs is only great for outsourcing jobs in the design category. The vast amount of submitted work is definitely worth a try as you might find yourself hiring someone who wouldn’t have made it in an interview.

5. PeoplePerHour (PPH)


outsourcing jobs with people per hour aka PPH

The new kid on the block, PeoplePerHour (or PPH), is a great way to hire experts this year. As a professional you have to submit several work samples, certificates etc. which will be reviewed by PPH individually. This makes sure the work and service provided on the platform is of high quality. You can easily browse through services (called hourlies), sellers or post a job offer. If you’re looking for selected high quality graphic design, writing, WordPress or other services, PPH is a good place to start searching. Overall PeoplePerHour looks like a promising candidate for outsourcing jobs in the future.