30 Extremely Bizarre Inventions You Never Knew You Needed. Until Now.

There’s good design, there’s bad design…and then there’s this. 30 of the most bizarre inventions known to man. Many of these are totally, well, useless, but you need to have them now that you know they exist.

1.) A scooter stroller. The coolest way for parents to scoot around town with a baby in tow. No word on the safety of this contraption.



2.) Tie flask. For the thirsty desk jockey.



3.) Ladies, don’t you hate it when men hit on you aggressively? Turn them away with these hairy leg stockings.


4.) Two-in-one door and ping pong table. Awesome.



5.) I’m gonna go ahead and say it: this is a dumb umbrella. There’s a little window you can see out of. That’s all.


6.) Let your baby clean your house for you.



7.) Need a cuddle but don’t have the required materials? That is to say, another human? Fear not. Arm pillow is here.



8.) Drink your hot coffee AND iron simltaneously.


9.) Get a six pack without doing sit ups. Let’s be honest…we all want this.


10.) Deter lunch thieves at the office.


11.) Keep an eye on your waist size with this really stylish belt.


12.) Feed your breadcrumbs directly to your pet bird via this table-tube contraption.


13.) Like soccer but too lazy to get up and play? The Goal Chair is for you.



14.) Can’t grow a bear? Buy one.


15.) This sleeping bag has legs and arms. Coincidentally, it also looks like Walter White.



16.) Need to muzzle your dog? Feel less guilty about it with this cute beak muzzle.



17.) The Dogbrella. (It’s an umbrella on a leash).


18.) The Ostrich pillow can help you nap anywhere.



19.) Some sort of insane bike. Not even going to pretend I know how this thing works.



20.) Ever have trouble serving pizza with normal kitchen utensils? Me neither. But now you can look absurd while doing it.


21.) Make sauce and music.


22.) The Gunbrella. Noticing a theme here…



23.) Pen caps that are also cutlery. Because carrying a pen and a fork has always been problematic.




24.) OK, this one’s actually kind of cool. Hang a picture on a corner.


25.) Babybrella. Keep water out of your baby’s eyes.


26.) A piano doorbell. People will probably get carried away with this.


27.) OK – just stop with the umbrellas. This is getting absurd.


28.) Because you needed an excuse to sing in the shower.


29.) Forget-me-not mittens! For the parent that often leaves their child behind.



30.) Never stub your toe in the middle of the night again. Use slipper lights.

Is your mind blown? Mine is. Makes me want to become an inventor. Share if you found these inventions useful…or just totally bizarre.