25 Mind-Bending Optical Illusions – You Won’t Believe #5 Even When You Saw It!

focus face optical illusion

Optical Illusions are defined by visually seen images that differ from objective reality. The information collected by the optic is converted in the brain to give a perception that does not tally with an actual measurement of the stimulus source. There are three main sorts: literal optical illusions that create images that are unique from the objects that make them, physiological ones that are the effects on the eyes and brain of excessive stimulation of a specific type (brightness, color, size, position, tilt, movement), and cognitive illusions, the result of unconscious inferences. We’ve collected the best and craziest optical illusions for you.

#1. The Blivet Illusion: Is there a third pole in the middle or does your mind play you?

The Blivet Illusion


#2. What about this beautiful star? Is it floating in the background? No it’s actually a still image – It all happens in your brain.

Floating Star Optical Illusion


#3. What do you see? An old couple or maybe… two mexicans playing a guitar?

Old Couple Illusion


#4. I only see a couple friendly dolphins playing in the sea… What do you see?

Couple Dolphins Optical Illusion



#5. This is probably the best optical illusion ever! We still can’t believe it ourselfs but take a closer look. The squares “A” and “B” have the exact same background color. Don’t believe us? Import the image to photoshop and compare the squares. Both have the hex color value #787878. UNBELIEVABLE!

Best Optical Illusion Ever

This book includes some of the best optical illusions ever! (Optical Illusions by DK – link)

#6. These “Beans” seem to be floating right? It’s just an still image again!

Floating Beans Illusion


#7. This is a real classic. What do you see? An old woman or maybe a young lady? Take a closer look!

Optical Illusion Young Woman Old Woman


#8. Can you see the black balls between the squares? Are they really there or does your mind play you?

Black Balls Optical Illusion


#9. This is a creepy optical illusion: focus on the little cross in the middle and witness the celebs turn into goofy monsters…

Celebrity Illusion


#10. Area A and Area B have the exact same size. Take a ruler and see for yourself!

crazy illusion


#11. Are you looking at this chair from the front… or maybe the back? Crazy!

chair illusion


#12. These cigarettes are identical in size. They’re just rolled over a paper. Amazing!

Cigarettes Optical Illusion


#13. Another famous optical illusion. Do you see a duck… or a rabbit?

Duck or Rabit Illusion


#14. How many legs does this elephant have?

how many legs has this elephant?


#15. Here you can see four perfect circles (no spirals!). Start at one little square and try to follow the circle around.

perfect circles illusion


#16. Can you see the dark shaded areas between the black squares? They’re not really there – your brain made them!

square shadow illusion


#17. What do you see? A woman walking by or maybe… the face of a man?

Face optical illusion crazy


#18. Try to focus on one of the two “faces”. Your brain doesn’t know which “face” is real.

focus face optical illusion


#19. This is a classic too. Depending on which side of the brain you’re using the woman will spin either clockwise (right and creative side of the brain) or anti-clockwise (left and logic side of the brain). Which side are you using right now?

spinning woman optical illusion


#20. Is it moving? No it’s just an jpg image!

Snake optical illusion


#21. Look at this image for about 1 minute and then look at someones face. What do you see?

LSD illusion


#22. Is this square only spinning or also pulsating?

round square illusion


#23. These lines seem to be bending right? False, they’re completely straight.

bending lines optical illusion


#24. The Impossible Triangle

triangle optical illusion


#25. This amazing maze seems to be waving and moving. Is it really?


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