These Photos From the Arctic Circle Look Like They Were Taken on the Surface of Mars.

New York based photographer Daniel Zvereff got ahold of a rare stock of Kodak Aerochrome film. He took it with him on a trip to shoot some incredible landscapes, and below are the incredible results. Many of these photos were taken north of the Arctic Circle — add the amazing landscapes to the infrared coloring and grainy textures of his work, and these places look more like the surface of a whole other planet entirely.

Hard to believe this is actually on our planet.

Any guesses as to how to pronounce that street name?

Small seaside community, Greenland.

Stark landscape in Greenland.

Amazing how the Aerochrome highlights the plant life at the base of this mountain.

Looks like

Yukon, Canada

Yukon, Canada

A haunting graveyard in Greenland.

This is so cool…I barely recognize earth in these photos! Share if you’re a fan of these incredible landscapes.